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artist edition
Sharks eat monkeys
Cheese coma
Vote for me !
Ich bin kein Hund!
Ma tête à couper
(Ma tête à couper)
Es stinkt der Mensch,
solang er lebt

Brutalität muss da sein


la Minoterie
/ Collectif RODYNAM
Salefriche / FFF Genève
Helm auf! Mund zu!

past works

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Le Banquet
Show at Villa Bernasconi, 05-27.04.2014
Nelly Haliti avec Laure Marville, Jérôme Baccaglio et Maya Rochat
Crystal Clear
published by Edition Patrick Frey
21.05.2014 Book launch
Limmatstrasse 268, Zürich
"Crystal Clear"
The symbolically laden, analog and digital works of the young Swiss artist Maya Rochat probe the depths of the photographic plane. Using her own writing and fragments of found images, she modifies her photographs to create radically associative compositions. She sources her own immediate surroundings, weaving portraits of friends and shots of landscapes into a dense, intimate visual fabric that is scratched, dissected, and reassembled with almost militant surgical intervention. The bitter, beautiful universe that surfaces in Crystal Clear patently eludes conventional codes of interpretation, relentlessly undermining the usual visual clichés and notions of beauty propagated by the media.
Avec le soutien de Pro Helvetia, de l'Etat de Vaud et de la Ville de Montreux.

Maya Rochat is a multidisciplinary artist, who works in the fields of photography, collage and installation, Maya takes us into her own universe, a world mainly concerned with her immediate surroundings, tinged with mystery and blurring the boundaries between fiction and reality.
Working with different media and materials, her use of anachronistic methods reflects a concern with craft, introducing the hand of the artist into a medium usually associated with mechanical reproduction. Therefore, her work forms a vast web of intertwined images whose energy disturbs our habitual codes of interpretation and perception.
We find wildness

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